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The Hungarian Blintzes


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The Hungarian Blintzes

Some things are sure to be enjoyable. There are good reasons why we re-read the same book we read years ago, miss mom’s food and yearn for the same beloved restaurant. What all these things we like have in common is how sure we are of success - exactly like the last time. Since 1977 the Hungarian Blintzes on Yirmiyahu Street have been a sure success. Whether you are planning a romantic and surprising first date, a birthday for the aunt visiting from Canada, or a business dinner with an American business colleague wanting to eat in an authentic kosher restaurant - you are easily ensured the same unique European culinary experience at our restaurant. It might be the unique atmosphere, the home-made liquors, or the fact that service at the restaurant is provided by the owners themselves that help us make any day a special event. You will feel as if you have travelled to Hungary when you experience our unique and pleasant atmosphere and new flavors. On the menu you can find various authentic dishes such as blintzes that are sweet or savory, hot or cold, and in flavors such as vanilla, apple, chocolate cream and nuts, seasoned spinach and more which will make you want to come back to the restaurant again and again. Roasted potatoes, candle-lit curried mushrooms, various salads, Hungarian soups and all of our surprises will always make you feel at home. The Hungarian Blintzes at Yirmiyahu are not just regular blintzes. Here you are ensured an experience for all of your senses.


*The restaurant accepts nofshonit vouchers.

Address: Yirmiyahu 35, Tel Aviv
Phone: 053-9439675
Opening Hours:
after the conclusion of Shabbat-00:00
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Address: Yirmiyahu 35, Tel Aviv
Connecting number
Phone: 053-9439675
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Fax: 03-5441697